lunedì 30 luglio 2012

At Festival theatre Borgio Verezzi

Festival Borgio Verezzi, at left the Mayor.

"Boeing Boeing" and the view.

Vest               Intimissimi
Long skirt      Rossella Carrara(old ones)
Shoes             Sebastian
Bag                Prada

Last night i went to the theatre at Festival Verezzi  i spent a beautiful evening with my friend.
The show was "Boeing Boeing" of Mark Schneider, is it a comedy that in 60's in London was a successful.
For tonight i decided to dress something easy to respect the location of theatre that is into a "borgo" where inside everything is soo quiet, soo old and soo magic during the summer night .

I want to thank you Virgin Active ( that is always in first line to promove best italy events. 

All my congratulations goes to the cast...simply faboulous!

Ieri sono stata a Teatro al Festival Verezzi, ho passato una bellissima serata in compagnia di un'amica.
Lo spettacolo era "Boeing Boeing" di Mark Scheneider, una commedia che negli anni '60 a Londra ha avuto un enorme successo ai botteghini.
Ho deciso di indossare qualcosa di molto semplice, un modo per rispettare il "borgo di Verezzi" che al suo interno è cosi calmo, antico e magico durante le notti estive.

Un grazie anche a Virgin Active che appoggia i migliori eventi culturali in Italia.

I miei complimenti a tutto il cast perchè sono stati favolosi!

sabato 28 luglio 2012

Tips for clean makeup Brushes

Professional make up brushes is an investiment.
One of the best things you can do for your brushes is to clean them regularly to remove:
-Old makeup
-Dirt and Oils
-Dead skin cells
How you can do it? This is for me is the best and cheap way to clean brushes.

I pennelli per il trucco sono un investimento.
Per far si che sia un ottimo investimento occorre lavarli regolarmente in modo da rimuovere:
- Vecchio makeup
- Sporco e l'unto dato da alcuni fondotinta
- Batteri
- Cellule morte
Come possiamo farlo? Questo è il metodo migliore per me per pulire i pennelli in maniera efficace ed economica!

 Olive oil, liquid hand anti-bacteria soap
Olio extravergine, sapone mani anti-batterico delicato
 Pour the oil in a plate and add some soap
Versate l'olio in un piatto e aggiungete del sapone,
fate attenzione alle proporzioni,il composto non deve
essere troppo oleoso.

 Take your brushes and start to clean with that mixture,
gently massage the tips of the bristles on your palm
or in another plate.
Prendete i vostri pennelli e iniziate a pulirli nella "miscela"
poi delicatamente massaggiate le setole sul vostro palmo
o su un altro piatto pulito.

 Rinse and repeat until the water runs clean
Sciacquare e ripetere finchè l'acqua non risulterà pulita

 I prefer use brushes with white bristles 
Preferisco usare pennelli dalle setole bianche

I try to wash my brushes one a week but sometimes i forget and let's face it!(ahaha)
Not washing your brushes can lead to unwanted skin issues.
Be good to your skin!

Io cerco di pulire i miei pennelli da trucco almeno 1v. a settimana
Sopratutto se soffrite di acne, pelle mista
Un abbraccio

venerdì 27 luglio 2012

Fluo & Lights

Vest                             Pinkie
Skirt                            Intimissimi
Shoes                          Asos
Bag                             Handmade
Necklace                     H&M
Ring with Skull            Handmade designed by my friend Valentina-interior design
Earings                       Rossella Carrara

Tonight i went to the beach in Pietra Ligure(Savona) during the happyhour  i admired many "lumini" in the sea.
"Lumini in mare"is a traditional village festival, everyone can be present it consist to put into the sea 1"Lumino" for person to create an atmosphere of lights suspended.
Lumino is a simply floating candle.
Of course, as all traditions in Italy have a legend, i really don't know about that one, i can just imagine that "Lumini party" is sort of tribute to all the sailors and fisherman of the past.

Stasera sono stata in spiaggia a Pietra Ligure(Savona) durante l'aperitivo, sono riuscita ad ammirare i "Lumini in mare".
"Lumini in mare" è una festa locale dove tutti possono partecipare gettando in mare 1 lumino per persona, al fine di creare un' atmosfera di luci sospese.
Il lumino è una semplice candela galleggiante.
Come tutte le tradizioni Italiane hanno una storia, questa non la conosco purtroppo ma posso immaginare che la festa dei lumini sia una sorte di omaggio ai marinai e pescatori di un tempo.

domenica 22 luglio 2012

Cheap Beach Dress

Dress           H&M
Sunglasses   Dsquared

This is not a really dress but is a long skirt, i bought last week during the sales for 7 euro, in my opinion the best way to dress it is as a dress wearing a skinny leather belt.
A belt can completely trasform an outfit and is one of the easiest ways to create your personal look.
Happy Sunday!

giovedì 19 luglio 2012

"Voglia di Voglia" official video

This is  "Voglia di Voglia" by Carletto, the official video.
Thanks all of you, i had a good time in Florence!
Check it out!

mercoledì 18 luglio 2012


Hi Guys!
Tonight i'm staying at home to cook my favourite italian cake : Tiramisù!
Let me give you my recipe:

- 4 Eggs
- 120g Sugar
- 500g  Mascarpone
- 250g  Savoiardi
- 6 cup of coffee
I don't use any brandy, liqueur or marsala in this way my girl can taste it moreover  i really don't like liqueur.

At first prepare coffee and set aside.

In a large bowl mix 60g sugar with eggs yolks, add gently the mascarpone until just combined.
In another large bowl beat eggs white with a pinch of salt, then, using a wooden spoon, put my eggs white into the mascarpone mixture.
That's all!
Dip Savoiardi into coffee to cover the base of  a 20cm rectangular oven dish then cover with the mascarpone mixture.
Repeat layers 2-3 times ending with the cream.
Refrigerate for about 2 hours then serve.

Yummy Yummy!!!

lunedì 16 luglio 2012

Literature -A- Porter

Do you know Olympia Le-Tan?
She is a French designer, many celebrities love her bags, if you want to know about her life, her mood, just read this interview!

Question : So then you started again in 2009 more like a real business. And you relaunched with a collection of clutches and minaudières that are reproductions of vintage books. What was the concept behind it?
Olympia : Well, I grew up in a house where there were lots of books. My dad [illustrator Pierre Le-Tan] has a big collection of old ones with nice covers. I started collecting them when I was a teenager. The covers inspired me. And I learned how to do embroidery from my grandmother. I just thought they were a good base to develop.
Question : Where do you find your books? Do you have a favorite store?
Olympia : My favorite in Paris is Shakespeare and Company. In New York it's the Strand.
Question : And London?
Olympia : Well, there's a street in London where there are loads. I don't really have one particular favorite. I also buy a lot online. There's a website called where all the little book shops are, so you can just type in the name of an author or a book and write, 'First edition 1933.' Then everything comes up and you can find it in Mexico or somewhere like that.
Q: So this collection is bigger, and you started last Spring to add some clothing, some of those little Liberty dresses that I loved. Tell me more about this.
OLT : Last summer, there were just five dresses. It was a medical theme, so they were a bit like nurse dresses but in Liberty-print fabrics. This season, my team expanded, so it's a proper ready-to-wear collection. There are seven looks, one for each day of the week. We presented them on Saturday night at the Musée Nissim de Camondo on seven fake Bettie Pages. They were real burlesque dancers who did a little performance and then stripped off.
Q : And there were maids picking up the clothes, with their uniforms on. They all looked like versions of Olympia, with the short bangs.
OLT : It's 'Bettie Page Goes to the Library,' so they all have proper, serious dresses, but very tight and sexy.
Q : Your book clutches are all limited-edition, correct?
OLT : Yes, 16 pieces each, numbered on the back.
Q: In your view, what's the special allure of a limited edition?
OLT : Well, that way not everyone has the same bag, and you can track down who has what number.
Q : When you first think about which books to replicate, is it a mix of the cover design and the title? And have you read all of the books you've re-created?
OLT : It's mostly the titles. In my first collection, I had read all the books. Then it started to become a bit out of control, so now I've read most of the books but not all of them—especially not all the cookbooks and medical manuals!
Q : And it's all done by hand?
OLT : Yes, completely, in France.
Q : What about your ready-to-wear?
OLT : That is made in France, as well.
Q: For this collection, what materials are you most using?

Q : Which I love! Like the inside of all your clutches. What is your strongest market? France, the UK, the US?
OLT : There's leather, and then the tartan fabrics. It's sort of a mix of English and French. The Liberty fabrics, the college stripes.
OLT : I have no idea. At first it was France, but this season it seems to be Russia, for some weird reason.

Interview via vaultmagazine

giovedì 12 luglio 2012

Backstage in Florence

Vest                Intimissimi
Skirt                Rare London(
Shoes              Prada
Sunglasses      Zara
Bijoux              H&M

Last wednesday i went in Florence to make a video-clip called "Voglia di Voglia" by Carletto, with me, Caterina Bellandi driver of Milano 25, a fantastic and friendly cab.
When not working as a taxi driver in Florence, she escorts sick children to and from Florence's Meyer
 Hospital, free of charge.

She as sort of Patch Adams, she share her joy with kids in her cab: windows and seats are crowded with plush daisies and teddy bears, the windscreen carries a collection of photos of people that she called Angels, she is a symbol of Florence and solidarity.
I'm really proud to have meet Milano 25!

The video-clip is coming soon, many thanks to my best friends Marion Leger and Eleonora Lari and Carletto that he has made the right choice to selected us;-)

Irene xxx

domenica 8 luglio 2012

Tips for your lingerie

Images via Journelle-Claire's closet

Ok,ok... in a perfect world all lingerie should be washed by hand but my world is not soo perfect and as time goes by my washing machine become my best friend.
I usually use a wash bag and a gentlest cycle and always air dry.
Always hook bras on the loosest clap, in this way it will return in a normal shape.

What's your favourite lingerie?

sabato 7 luglio 2012

Yellow skirt

Vest    American Appareil
Skirt    Rare London (Buy on
Shoes  Prada
Bag     Bruno Parise

After my tuscany dinner (Fiorentina meat and salad) i'm lost in this amazing view with my friends.

For me it's important get dressed comfty and cool, i love high heels but be onest not everyone wears heels every single day, at least i don't.
I'm falling in love about my new yellow flare skirt bought on for about 30 euro on sale!
In Italy sales start today but i'm realistic i can't go shopping right 40°!!!

Happy week-end!